Purchasing and legal issues about buying property Turkey

Purchasing and legal issues about buying property Turkey

Procedure for purchasing and legal issues

As soon as you have decided on which property to buy, the legal process can begin.

The first step is to open a bank account for you, in a Turkish bank. Your assigned sales representative will of course assist you on this.

If the buyer wishes NSM Real Estate to carry out all the formalities concerning the purchase, he/she must give a power of attorney/proxy to the sales representative. The proxy will be used for NSM sales representative to act in the name of the buyer, authorization to buy/register the property in the name of the buyer, obtain “completion report” for the property, official registration of water/electricity, insurance for the property, registrations of the property in the municipality department, tax registrations etc.

In some cases, the property owner and the buyer must sign a “promise to sell and buy contract” before a public notary. This will be an official document stating all the personal data of the seller and the buyer, as well as the property in concern. The price of the property, details of the payment and the time of conveyance at the Land Registry Office, are all mentioned in this document. The document is signed, by both parties, in the presence of the Certified Translator appointed by the Public Notary. The Sworn translator will translate the contract to the foreign party.

Your authorized sales representative will make an application to the Land of Registry Office to start the process for Military Clearance. This procedure usually takes a couple of months, and is pure formality.

Some nationalities are required to obtain a residence permit for 6 months. Your sales representative will make all the necessary arrangements for this, and will only need a signature from you. This must be done at the police department.

Parties, or the legal sales representative will go, in person, to the Land of Registry Office for conveyance, once the Military Clearance is received. Again, a certified translator is required, if one of the parties is of foreign nationality.

Example of a Turkish title deed, also called TAPU.