How may we help you?

With NSM Real Estate you will never be left alone. Not before, during or even after your property purchase. Our sales team will help you with the simplest things, from the first initial contact to the very last stage of key delivery.

We will help you with technical and legal issues for all after sales procedures. This includes the translation of the deed transfer, with a certified translator.

We will assist you in retrieving a Turkish tax number. You will need this, in order to open a Turkish bank account and to make the title deed transfer. We will also help you obtain a residential permit/visa, which is mandatory for some nationalities. Your sales representative will also help you with the property tax declarations.

Our staff will likewise attend the procedures for water, electricity and phone connectivity. These procedures can only be done, after you have your title deed in your possession. We will also make arrangements with the bank for automatic payments of miscellaneous bills, concerning your property.

Last, but not least, we can help you with renting and letting your property. If you wish to have a rental income on your property, while not using it yourself, we are more than happy to assist you with these procedures and advertisements.

Some of these services are complimentary, but others parts requires additional payments, on your behalf.