Rental Services

We, at NSM Real Estate, are more than happy to help you with rental and lettings of your property; whether it is for long term or weekly bases. If you wish to have a rental income on your property, while not using it yourself, we can help you make the necessary arrangements.

Our rental team will provide all necessary services and management of your property.

If you choose us, for renting out your property you will get following services:

  • Management of deposit, rental, measuring of meters etc.
  • Cleaning service
  • Free advertising via NSM Real Estate’s rental section on the webpage
  • Free maintenance and reparation service of your property
  • Free transfer to/from the airport twice a year for property owner
  • Systematical leasing system
  • Guarantee that your property is only subleased to tenants of your choice

A representative from the rental department will contact you, as soon as we have a potential tenant for your property. We will provide you with information regarding the tenant(s) (family, single traveler, young travelers, long term etc.) This way, you are able to rule out certain segments of tenants, e.g. young people who is coming to Alanya to party.

The only thing we need from you is to know when your property is free for subletting.